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The VGAs 2011

The VGAs, or better known as the Videogames Awards 2011 was on last night (saturday) and knowing what a hardcore – gamer I really am (not) I had to watch it.

I have to admit, I’ve never even heard of, let alone watched the videogame awards until last night! I was mildly surprised by the size of the audience this ceremony had. They were even able to hire Charlie Sheen and Hulk Hogan to present some awards (not that I approve of either of those characters). The nominees weren’t surprising to me at all, however. Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception, Assassins Creed and Batman Arkham City were among the top nominees. They even had top “videogame Character” of the year awards. Nominees for that were The Joker, P.body (portal 2) and Nathan Drake (Drake’s Deception). Each of their little nominated videos were cute and funny.

 Not only were awards handed out, but we saw world premier trailers for new and upcoming games such as Metal Gear Rising, American Nightmare, and an especially interesting one called The Last of Us. So interesting in fact, I’ll share the trailer with you:


I could have sworn that was Ellen Page raiding dead bodies there. Anyways, at the end of the day the best award, videogame of the year, went out to Batman Arkham City. the Batman game also won best action/adventure game of the year. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 won best shooter,  Joker won Character of the year and the latest Legend of Zelda was inducted into the videogame hall of fame as the first game there. I think everything was pretty fair except for the lack of Assassin’s Creed awards! I don’t believe they won anything… oh well.

Weekly Art Feature

Hello once again people of the world wide web. I bring you this week’s art feature!



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Holly Jolly-ness


You know, I always try to keep a positive attitude about christmas (unlike most), but I find it really hard to do. Especially when 11 year-old brother Cameron recieves his christmas present a month ahead of time. And I’m not talking wrapped, hidden in the closet. Cameron recieved his nintendo 3DS on november 25th, exactly a month from the big day, and has been playing with it ever since. PLAYING with his christmas present, before he was even supposed to recieve it. if that’s not holly-jolly fail, I don’t know what is. Seems the traditions of christmas become more and more muddled every  year – now apparently a new video-chatting system is being implemented to contact santa and demand presents from him. I don’t know if I’m prepared to give a big fat bearded man my skype address just to entertain the belief that santa really is real for my future children. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to shut up and eat the holiday cookies like everyone else.

Weekly Art Feature

Hello once again fellow deviants/wordpressers (wordpressers?) I bring you this week’s art feature sponsored by Deviantart.


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Ico and Shadow of the Collossus collection

I’m pretty sure if I asked around the general population, only 10% of people would know what I’m talkng about when I say Ico and Shadow of the Collossus are the “Spirited Away” of the videogame world. What I mean by that is, underappreciated in the North American world, but beautifully written and designed.

I myself had never even heard of the games until they were remastered and resold for ps3 this fall. The most prominent thing I noticed about these games were the sheer beauty and complexity of the graphics! It made me think they were originally for the ps3, but they were actually previously released on playstation 2! It must’ve taken so much time-consuming mind-numbing work to get all the textures in those games… Don’t believe me? Check out these screen caps:


The creator of these playstation classics Fumito Ueda is currently working on a new game called “The Last Gaurdian”. This game has no relation to the previous games, but the story and characters are oddly similar to Shadow and ico…. The Last Gaurdian definitely looks epic, but is still a work in progress – the game will not be released until it is completely finished! (as Playstation Magazine says)

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Assassins Creed 3 – Revelations

Assassin Altair from the very first game, kicking some ass

Having played the sequels to the Assassin’s Creed series, I had high expectations for this new installment, Revelations. And they were most definitely met!

Due to the magical pre-ordering system of EB games, I was able to purchase this game on the 15th  (day of release), so I’m a fairly large chunk into the game since. I have to say the story and characters developed smoothly. The plot becomes more and more intriguing as you synchronize, tail and of course, assassinate byzantine soldiers and political figures of  1500 Constantinople. As well as the usual assassin business however, our leading man Ezio strives to find 5 special keys to unlock the secrets of the brotherhood’s past and origin. Everything about the brotherhood, Altair, ancestor Ezio and present day Desmond is slowly revealed.

A well written story, impressionable characters, interactive gameplay and beautiful graphics makes this game a definite keeper. I haven’t even tried the online gameplay yet and I’m already gushing. *fangirl alert* If anyone is absolutely new to the ps3 or Xbox gaming platforms, Assassins Creed should be the FIRST game(s) you purchase! It is really be worth your time and money!! AGHH!

Weekly Art Feature



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Chris Martin on SNL


I happened upon this pretty ridonculous video of Chris Martin on SNL whilst surfing AUXtv.com, and thought I’d share. ______________________________________________________________

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SNL chris Martin FTW! (so many acronyms, dammit!)