I have just finished up on some well – needed Uncharted gaming, and I can’t say I’m satisfied…. 

Compared to the last two Uncharted games, Drake’s Deception has just as much action-packed, gunslinging adventure as you could imagine. and that’s about it…

Although I’ve  loved the Uncharted series ever since Drake’s Fortune, I have to be fair here. The environments and people were rendered with as much precision as humamnly possible, but the gameplay and plot were lacking in… “newness”. What I’m saying is the action scenes, specifically the pirate scenes were sickeningly similar to prequel’s Among Thieves ( I use the work “sickeningly” because it took me about 50 tries to kill these god forsaken pirates).

imagine these pirates, but x10.

Also, has anyone noticed that only 1 GB of hard drive space is needed for this game, when both prequels required 2 GB? All in all the gameplay, plot and characters haven’t changed a bit, unless you count the crow’s feet around Nathan Drake’s eyes. Weelll, now I’ll be off fangirling over Assassin’s Creed Revelations….

(BTW, checkout these gameplay/ commentary vids, HILARIOUS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0IqLcrpIYs)


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