Assassin Altair from the very first game, kicking some ass

Having played the sequels to the Assassin’s Creed series, I had high expectations for this new installment, Revelations. And they were most definitely met!

Due to the magical pre-ordering system of EB games, I was able to purchase this game on the 15th  (day of release), so I’m a fairly large chunk into the game since. I have to say the story and characters developed smoothly. The plot becomes more and more intriguing as you synchronize, tail and of course, assassinate byzantine soldiers and political figures of  1500 Constantinople. As well as the usual assassin business however, our leading man Ezio strives to find 5 special keys to unlock the secrets of the brotherhood’s past and origin. Everything about the brotherhood, Altair, ancestor Ezio and present day Desmond is slowly revealed.

A well written story, impressionable characters, interactive gameplay and beautiful graphics makes this game a definite keeper. I haven’t even tried the online gameplay yet and I’m already gushing. *fangirl alert* If anyone is absolutely new to the ps3 or Xbox gaming platforms, Assassins Creed should be the FIRST game(s) you purchase! It is really be worth your time and money!! AGHH!


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