I’m pretty sure if I asked around the general population, only 10% of people would know what I’m talkng about when I say Ico and Shadow of the Collossus are the “Spirited Away” of the videogame world. What I mean by that is, underappreciated in the North American world, but beautifully written and designed.

I myself had never even heard of the games until they were remastered and resold for ps3 this fall. The most prominent thing I noticed about these games were the sheer beauty and complexity of the graphics! It made me think they were originally for the ps3, but they were actually previously released on playstation 2! It must’ve taken so much time-consuming mind-numbing work to get all the textures in those games… Don’t believe me? Check out these screen caps:


The creator of these playstation classics Fumito Ueda is currently working on a new game called “The Last Gaurdian”. This game has no relation to the previous games, but the story and characters are oddly similar to Shadow and ico…. The Last Gaurdian definitely looks epic, but is still a work in progress – the game will not be released until it is completely finished! (as Playstation Magazine says)


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