You know, I always try to keep a positive attitude about christmas (unlike most), but I find it really hard to do. Especially when 11 year-old brother Cameron recieves his christmas present a month ahead of time. And I’m not talking wrapped, hidden in the closet. Cameron recieved his nintendo 3DS on november 25th, exactly a month from the big day, and has been playing with it ever since. PLAYING with his christmas present, before he was even supposed to recieve it. if that’s not holly-jolly fail, I don’t know what is. Seems the traditions of christmas become more and more muddled every  year – now apparently a new video-chatting system is being implemented to contact santa and demand presents from him. I don’t know if I’m prepared to give a big fat bearded man my skype address just to entertain the belief that santa really is real for my future children. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to shut up and eat the holiday cookies like everyone else.


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