Modern Warfare 3

I managed to get my hands on the latest installment of the Modern Warfare series the day it was released, and I am fairly impressed.

The gameplay is reminiscent of the previous game, Call of duty Black Ops, which I feel is the best game in the series thus far. Upgrades and weapons are faster and easier to use and the gameplay is more action-packed, especially campaign mode. The only problem I can find with this game is not the actual game’s fault- the online gameplay is as frustrating as ever.

The real problem is finding a lobby without getting hacked, insulted or server-screwed in the middle of a match by the other online players. This really turns loyal Mod players off of the multiplayer mode altogether, leaving the morons and ignoramuses to play with. But this really isn’t the developers’ and the designers’ doing, and they can’t control who should and shouldn’t be playing.

Also, I thought I’d mention the amount of children playing this game is quite disturbing – especially considering the choice of language people seem obliged to share on their Bluetooth headsets.

Anyway, that’s my experience with the new game. Thanks for reading!


Weekly Art Feature



I’ll start this art post off with the weekly art feature, sharing with you some fellow deviantart pieces by some very talented artists. What is “Deviantart” you may ask? This is the biggest art community on the internet where artists of every level can upload art for the community to look at enjoy, favourite or maybe even critique. Here are the creative pieces for this   week.                                                                                              _________________________________________________________



 If you enjoy what you see, you can always look at more here: 

You can also look at more of my stuff here:

Thanks for reading!

Cover CD – Achtung Baby

  Allow me to start off this post by saying that I am a huge U2 fan. I have been listening to these guys ever since I was born and loved them ever since I could remember, which is why I was triple excited to hear about this cover album a bunch of other awesome artists are doing for U2’s Achtung Baby. (fun fact: “Achtung” is German for “stop!”)



Achtung Baby Covered



  Featuring artists such as Depeche Mode, The Killers, Glas Vegas and Jack White on the album, I cannot WAIT to get my hands on a copy!  However, there is good news and bad news about obtaining a copy. Good news: Q magazine is distributing free copies of this amazing album in their 25th anniversary issue. Bad news:  The 25th anniversary issue is not offered here in North America, only in the UK! I suggest we create a petition, march up to Q mag’s main headquarters, knock down the door… haha jk. But really, to get a copy would be like an early christmas present. If you wanna know more about the album, you can go to Q magazine’s website here —–>
Have yourselves a lovely day now.

Drake’s Deception

I have just finished up on some well – needed Uncharted gaming, and I can’t say I’m satisfied…. 

Compared to the last two Uncharted games, Drake’s Deception has just as much action-packed, gunslinging adventure as you could imagine. and that’s about it…

Although I’ve  loved the Uncharted series ever since Drake’s Fortune, I have to be fair here. The environments and people were rendered with as much precision as humamnly possible, but the gameplay and plot were lacking in… “newness”. What I’m saying is the action scenes, specifically the pirate scenes were sickeningly similar to prequel’s Among Thieves ( I use the work “sickeningly” because it took me about 50 tries to kill these god forsaken pirates).

imagine these pirates, but x10.

Also, has anyone noticed that only 1 GB of hard drive space is needed for this game, when both prequels required 2 GB? All in all the gameplay, plot and characters haven’t changed a bit, unless you count the crow’s feet around Nathan Drake’s eyes. Weelll, now I’ll be off fangirling over Assassin’s Creed Revelations….

(BTW, checkout these gameplay/ commentary vids, HILARIOUS




I guess my first REAL blog post will be going to the”arts” category… I actually do study art and make my own art (I DO, I swear!!) I’m not just some puffed up poppinjay ready to share my ridiculous opinions on art to the world (granted, if the world even listens anyway). I will do my best to showcase other talented artists in hopes to inspire readers/followers and allow those artists some real audience. But first… I need followers! Hahaha….

 Anywho, I’ll start off by showing mine, and maybe you’ll show me yours…? (Wow, that came out wrong… :/)



Name: Ingridido

specialty: art, music, games of the video variety

age: 18

level: 5 (for now)

Xp: facebook, youtube, deviantart,

motive: to storm the blogosphere one step at a time

comments/ questions? : Don’t cry, you can always buy another one at Walmart.

He's reaching for the scissors... Reaching for them...!

He's reaching for the scissors... Reaching for them...!